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Server Meeting by ardasica
November 20, 2014, 07:14:37 PM

Commander Training by Soulfyre
October 27, 2014, 11:18:11 AM

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Server meeting 11/20 by ardasica
November 20, 2014, 06:06:45 PM


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xx Server meeting 11/20
November 18, 2014, 12:40:54 PM by Gliradda
So it's been proposed that a meeting is held for Thursday, the schedule proposed is an hour after the reset time but it's not yet confirmed, another possible option is 9pm EST/8pm CST/6pm PST.

Please try to be there and whomever else you know is here and up for WvW.

* yeah copy/paste from ardasica, don't hate me xD *
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xx Guild of the Month November - FORD
October 29, 2014, 05:03:37 PM by Tarkenfire
Congratulations to FORD for winning GoTM for November. View the topic here.

Nominations for December are open now. They'll be longer than usual on account of me needing to do crap. View the nomination thread here.
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xx Changes coming to WvW
October 18, 2014, 11:53:22 AM by Edgar Doiron
John Corpening discusses what they've learn with the adopt-a-dev project they had during the WvW tournament.

The adopted devs got together again earlier this week for a lunch meeting to bring feedback from their guilds and discuss their observations. The team has already begun addressing some of the feedback the devs brought back as well as some of the issues that you have brought up on our forums.

Coming with the build next week, build sites for rams will be trimmed down in size. This is to reduce the visual clutter with build sites, since rams are often built very close to each other, and make it easier to tell a ram apart from other siege when you are building it. There are also changes coming later to label the build interacts with what you are building. So you should see “Build Ram”, “Build Catapult” etc. instead of just “Build”. These were suggestions taken from the discussion on siege trolls.

We are going to make a balance pass on Siege Disablers. This was one of the most common pieces of feedback both from our adopted devs and from the forums. We really believe that Siege Disablers were a great addition to the game. They gave defenders a better chance of holding off attackers, they created new strategies and they created some fun fights outside of objectives by buying some time. But we agree that they need to be adjusted. We will be looking at things like radius, cooldowns and duration of the effect.

There were a handful of other tweaks brought up in our discussions that we are planning. These include reducing the number of people who can rally off of a kill. Removing white swords from objectives to give defenders a stronger role in alerting their team as well as giving attackers more of a chance to get through having their siege disabled. We are also going to test out awarding points per kill. PPK was part of the scoring discussion and something we wanted to try. We will be looking for your feedback on that change after it goes live.

Some bigger issues are factoring into longer term work. For example, we have been discussing what we have learned from our conversations on the forums as well as the feedback our adopted devs brought back from their guilds on the topics of population imbalance and scoring. These are bigger changes and are factoring into longer term solutions that the team is working on.

The team has a lot to chew on but some areas that I’d like to discuss more with the community in the near future are rewards and supporting some vital roles like scouting and defending. I’ll kick off some discussions on these areas in the next couple of weeks.

I was happy to hear from the devs that they would all love to do this again and felt it was a very fun and valuable way to spend their free time. Many of them have made some great new friends and they all felt like this was a great way to really connect with the community by playing side by side with new faces and getting new perspectives on Guild Wars 2.
Thanks again to everyone who signed up for or hosted a dev! We had a great time!

I'm glad they're starting to listen to the community, and I'm actually happy to see some changes coming as early as October 21st
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xx RNG Discussion with John Smith
October 16, 2014, 04:58:05 AM by Edgar Doiron
Tired of being shafted by RNGeesus? You have an alternative to RNG? Here's  your time to share it with the community.

John Smith, Anet's economist, wants to know your idea on RNG and the way to distribute loot.

This is a spinoff of the economy thread to talk about RNG tactics in games in a general form.
Here’s the premise. RNG is evenly distributed on aggregate. On an individual level this means that while almost everyone falls into a reasonable range in the middle, there are outliers on each side of the distribution that are either highly rewarded or not rewarded at all. These individuals become sample cases and spotlights for experiences that maybe shouldn’t exist.
We do need to be very careful about ideas that flatten the experience entirely as that quickly becomes not fun at all.
There are two concepts that have been discussed in the other thread that I’ll briefly summarize.

1. Use a specifically non-random NG. The NRNG functions similarly to a RNG, but has characteristics that either squish the distribution so that outliers exist much less or specifically manipulate a player’s experience for loot in a more complicated way that makes it feel rewarding.

2. Implement measures that counteract low-end outlier behavior inside of game design. This would be a system that is something like: If player hasn’t received a rare drop in X time send them Y tickets for random drops.

2.5: “Add secondary reward mechanisms (ie. token based system) alongside the primary RNG system; allow progress to be made even when you don’t get the result you want.”

Obviously these are hyper-simplified descriptions, but I don’t want this to get too long.

Head over to the full thread, to discuss.
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xx Jonathan "Chap" Sharp Leaves ANET
October 08, 2014, 09:02:46 PM by Edgar Doiron

Another name to add to the list.

If I'm not mistaken, he was in charge of balance an such.

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