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How to detect the quality of wood?

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Consumers can test the appearance of the product processing accuracy. Flooring processing accuracy is the installation of wood flooring installation quality assurance, national standards, the wooden floor of the mechanical allowable error: length +0.5 mm or -0.3mm, width thickness of ± 0.3mm. [url=]Wpc Fence[/url]Consumers can use a long ruler, ruler measurement, can also be a number of horizontal vertical assembly, to see if the same neatly, whether the four corner angle.
Can also be two pieces of wood flooring surface fit, flat fit seamless, another direction is also true. If the gap is large, then the floor is bent, if the floor side was machete-like bending, laying is difficult to correct, will leave an uneven gap, at the same time, these small problems is to determine whether the floor is an important indicator of the right.
Can ask for business model floor, the floor with boiled boiling water were soaked 2 hours. After 2 hours the water in the pot was again heated to boil and removed after 30 minutes. According to the introduction of the "boil board" experiment, [url=]Outdoor WPC Product For Sale[/url]if the pungent odor, and even eyes feel uncomfortable, the basic formaldehyde can be found that the floor exceeded, indicating poor environmental performance, if the odor is small, indicating good environmental performance.[url=]WPC Product[/url]
Shanghai real company's floor waiting for you to try.
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