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How to distinguish the floor is good or bad

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   Select solid wood flooring

Solid wood flooring is wood as raw material, and from top to bottom is a unifiedWPC Solid Decking</a>
 material processing. Because of many advantages of wood, such as easy processing, thermal conductivity is small, ease the impact, durability and so on, so that solid wood flooring to become the most popular floor material. Solid wood flooring sub-level mouth, mouth, fight mouth, vertical mouth, vertical wood and laminate flooring and other several, the current common is a mouth-shaped solid wood floor, the surface often have a senior polyester varnish paint, wood flooring involved in the processing precision , Substrate defects, surface paint quality, water content and so on<a href="">Best Outdoor WPC Product Supplier</a>

Buy bamboo flooring can refer to the following ways: First look at the surface, no air bubbles on the paint, whether fresh and bright, bamboo is too dark, the surface without glue line (a straight line along a straight, machining process is not fine, hot pressure And so on) and then look around the availability of cracks, with or without traces of gray. Whether clean and tidy, and then there is no bamboo to see the back of the remaining bamboo, whether clean and tidy. After all the finished goods<a href="">WPC Bench</a>
 inspection, to see whether there is a gap between the sample and the physical, the last one is installed, if required to play the keel is about 30 cm by a standard board to be four keel, and now many dealers three, As the bamboo is flexible, easy to gurgling sound.

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